How to play Homescapes on PC Free

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Learn how to play Homescapes on PC free with our comprehensive guide. Discover step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks to enjoy this popular mobile game on your computer. Start playing Homescapes on PC today and transform your virtual home in no time! With Bluestacks, users can download Android apps and games and play them on their PC. The game has a unique story, colorful graphics, and levels that are hard to beat.

Download and install the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your PC before you can play Homescapes for free. After installing the emulator, open it and sign in with your Google account. Then, go to the Google Play Store and look for the Homescapes game. Get the game and install it. Launch the game once it’s been set up, and you’ll be asked for your username and password. After you have signed in, you will be taken to the game’s main menu.

The main goal of the game is to finish each level by matching three or more things that are all the same color. As you finish levels, you’ll get coins. You can use these coins to buy things to decorate and personalize your home. You can also buy special boosts that will help you move through levels faster. As you play, you’ll be able to access new levels and characters.

Homescapes is a fun and addicting PC game that you can play for hours on end. It will keep you busy for hours with its bright graphics, difficult levels, and interesting storyline. So, Homescapes is the best choice if you want a free game to play on your PC.

What happens at the end of Homescapes

At the end of Homescapes, the player has successfully helped the Butler, Austin, find his family and restore the house to its former glory. At the end of the game, all of Austin’s family and friends gather at the renovated mansion for a big party. All of the game’s characters are there, including the Butler family, the housekeeper, the gardener, and the cat.

The player gets praise for how hard they worked to help fix the house. The player is thanked by Austin’s family for all the help they gave and for bringing the family back together. The player is also thanked for helping Austin find happiness and realize what he was really capable of. At the end of the party, there is a big firework show that all of the characters are amazed by. After the fireworks, Austin’s family gives the player a unique thank-you gift.

At the end of the game, Austin’s family is back together and the house is back to how it used to be. The player is thanked for helping Austin find his true potential and bringing the family back together. At the end of the game, all of the characters get together to have a party.

How many levels are in Homescapes

Homescapes is a match-3 game made by Playrix that came out in September 2017 and is free to play. There are fun and hard match-three puzzles in the game that the player has to solve to move forward. Homescapes have more than 5,000 levels, which are split up into chapters. Each chapter is made up of a set of levels that take place in different parts of the house and teach the player new ways to play as they go. There are also special levels in the game that can be played once the player has collected enough stars.

These levels are harder, but they give the player more stars, coins, and unique items in exchange. Players can also compete against each other in weekly tournaments for prizes. Homescapes is a fun and challenging game that can keep people busy for a long time.

Why is Homescapes so popular

Homescapes is a puzzle game that you can play for free. Its unique mix of match-three puzzles and home improvement has made it more and more popular. Players earn coins that they can use to improve their homes by matching tiles on the board. The game gives players a lot of ways to change their homes, like adding furniture, changing the wallpaper, and more.

The game also has a story with characters and a plot that moves forward as players do tasks and solve puzzles. Homescapes is a popular game because it is both fun and rewarding. It is a match-three puzzle game that also lets you decorate your house. It also has interesting characters and a good story. The game is also available on many different platforms, so it can be played by a wide range of people.


  • Engaging Storyline: Homescapes follows the story of Austin, a butler who returns home to restore the mansion to its former glory. Players will progress through the story by completing match-3 puzzles and helping Austin in his journey.
  • Challenging Puzzles: Homescapes features over 1000 unique match-3 levels with varying objectives and obstacles. Players can complete these levels to progress through the story and restore the mansion.
  • Community Interactions: Players can interact with other players through the game’s social features, such as gifting lives and playing multiplayer tournaments.
  • Design and Decorate: After completing levels, players can use the stars they earn to purchase and customize furniture and decorations for the mansion.
  • Collectibles: Players can collect items such as coins, boosters, and power-ups during their journey. These items can be used to help complete levels faster.


Homescapes is a great game for people who want a fun and interesting way to kill time, which is what I’ve come to think about it. The game is free to play, and it has many fun and challenging levels that people of all ages can enjoy. The game also has great graphics and sounds, which make it fun for everyone to play. Overall, Homescapes is a fun and relaxing way to kill a few hours and pass the time.


What is Homescapes?
Playrix made Homescapes, a mobile game that came out in 2017. The goal of this match-3 puzzle game is to fix up a house and bring it back to its former glory. Match-3 puzzles must be solved to get coins and stars, which can be used to buy furniture and decorations for the house. The story of the game follows the main character, Austin, as he goes back to his family home and tries to fix it up.

Are there any special tools or power-ups in Homescapes?
Homescapes is a popular mobile game that lets players design and decorate their own homes. In the game, there are a number of special tools or power-ups, like the Rainbow Blast, which can be used to get rid of several pieces of furniture or obstacles at once. With the Hammer, you can break through walls and other obstacles, and with the Rocket, you can get rid of an entire row or column of pieces. With the Shovel, you can move pieces of furniture out of the way, and with Bombs, you can destroy multiple pieces at once.

How do I earn coins in Homescapes?
In Homescapes, you can earn coins by solving puzzles and doing other things. You can also buy them with real cash. You can also get coins by achieving goals, watching ads, and linking your account to Facebook. You can buy new furniture, decorations, and power-ups with coins to help you move forward in the game. If you play the game, you can earn coins that you can use to improve and change your house.

How do I get extra lives in Homescapes?
You can get more lives in Homescapes if you link it to your Facebook account. Then, if you have friends who also play Homescapes, you can ask them to send you more lives. You can also watch ads and get coins or extra lives for doing so. You can also use stars to buy lives from the game’s shop. Last, you can wait until the lives come back on their own. Each life regenerates after 30 minutes.

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