Unlock all Subway Surfers levels: What are the different levels of Subway Surfers

Unlock All the Levels of Subway Surfers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock All the Levels of Subway Surfers: A Step-by-Step Guide droidcraze.com

Dive into the exciting world of Subway Surfers and learn about the different levels that make this game a thrilling adventure. Discover the challenges, power-ups, and obstacles awaiting you as you progress. Explore the subway with Jake and his friends and master each level’s unique dynamics. Uncover tips and tricks to conquer the game’s challenges and enjoy endless fun. Find out more about Subway Surfers’ level diversity and progression today! Experience the game’s depth and keep your high score intact.

Subway Surfers Level Up Guide: What are the different levels of Subway Surfers

The game has five different levels, which are as follows:

  • This is the main level of the game, World Tour. In this level, players complete missions all over the world to earn coins. Players can also go to places like Tokyo and Rome to find new characters and boards.
  • This is a special level in Subway Surfer where players compete to see who can get the most coins in a week. The player with the most points at the end of the week wins a prize.
  • Special Events: The player can get to this level once the world tour is done. In this level, players must finish special challenges to get rewards.
  • Coin Rush: The player can get to this level once the world tour is done. In this level, players have a set amount of time to gather as many coins as they can.
  • In King of the Subway, this level is unlocked when all the other levels are finished. Players compete with each other at this level to see who can get the highest score.Subway Surfers Level Up Guide: What are the different levels of Subway Surfers droidcraze.com

These are the five different levels of the game Subway Surfers that make it fun and interesting. The game is a great way to kill time because each level has its own rules and goals. Subway Surfers is a game that will keep players busy for hours thanks to its bright graphics, catchy music, and difficult levels.

How to complete all Subway Surfers missions?

If you are a fan of Subway Surfers, you know that mastering all the missions in the game can be quite challenging. However, with the right strategies and techniques, you can complete all the missions successfully. Here are some tips to help you complete all Subway Surfers missions.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand the objectives of each mission. Whether it’s collecting a specific number of coins, running a certain distance, or completing a particular number of tricks, knowing the mission objectives will help you plan your gameplay accordingly.

Next, focus on the missions while playing the game. Instead of just aimlessly running and collecting coins, try to actively work towards completing the missions. For example, if you have a mission to collect a certain number of coins, make an effort to collect as many coins as you can during your runs.

Take advantage of power-ups and boosters to make the missions easier to accomplish. Power-ups like Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, and Jetpack can help you collect more coins and cover more distance, allowing you to complete the missions more efficiently.

Practice regularly to improve your skills and increase your chances of completing the missions. The more you play, the better you will become at maneuvering through the subway, collecting coins, and completing tricks.

Remember to stay patient and persistent, as some missions may require multiple attempts to complete. Don’t get discouraged if you fail at first – keep trying, and eventually, you will succeed.

In conclusion, by understanding the objectives, focusing on the missions, utilizing power-ups, practicing regularly, and staying persistent, you can complete all Subway Surfers missions successfully. So, get out there, run through the subway, collect coins, and conquer every mission that comes your way!

How to unlock all Subway Surfers levels?

Unlocking all the levels in Subway Surfers is an exciting challenge that can provide endless hours of fun and gameplay. If you’re looking to unlock every level in the game, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to achieve this goal.

1. Collect Coins:

Coins are a vital currency in Subway Surfers. The more coins you collect, the more levels you will unlock. During your runs, make sure to grab as many coins as possible. You can also complete missions and use power-ups to enhance your coin-collecting efforts.

2. Complete Missions:

Each level in Subway Surfers has its own set of missions. By completing these missions, you earn rewards and unlock new levels. Stay focused on the objectives of each mission and strive to achieve them while running through the subway.

3. Utilize Power-ups:

Power-ups like the Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, and Jetpack can significantly assist you in your quest to unlock all levels. These power-ups can enhance your running abilities, help you collect more coins, and increase your chances of completing missions successfully.

4. Upgrade Characters:

To unlock all levels, it’s essential to upgrade your characters. Each character has unique abilities that can give you an advantage during gameplay. Spend your collected coins on character upgrades to improve your performance and progress through the game faster.

5. Stay Persistent:

Unlocking all levels in Subway Surfers requires persistence and patience. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t unlock a level on your first attempt. Keep playing, practicing your skills, and gradually improve your gameplay to overcome challenges and unlock new levels.

By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking all levels in Subway Surfers. Embrace the challenge, collect coins, complete missions, utilize power-ups, upgrade characters, and stay persistent. Enjoy the thrill of exploring new levels and conquering the subway!

Subway Surfers Online Free

Subway Surfers is a huge hit with gamers of all ages thanks to its accessibility and affordability. One of the game’s main mechanics is the player character evading an inspector and his dog while earning coins and other bonuses. The protagonist must evade the inspector and other obstacles—such as trains—by jumping over or ducking beneath them. To win, you need to avoid being captured for as long as possible. The game is not only fun and engaging but also hard since it encourages players to strive for greater scores. It’s a fun way to kill time because you can challenge your pals to see who can rack up the most points. You may play it on your mobile device or computer thanks to its cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Playing Subway Surfers is a fun way to kill time. It’s graphically appealing, and the gameplay is intuitive and accessible. The game’s many levels and special abilities make for hours of fun. Subway Surfers’ success is hardly surprising, given that the game can be played for free on a number of different devices.

What are the best Subway Surfers strategies for each level?

Unlocking all the levels in Subway Surfers requires strategic gameplay and planning. Each level presents its own set of challenges and objectives that you need to overcome. To help you navigate through each level successfully, we have compiled a list of the best strategies for each level.

Level 1:

Start by focusing on collecting as many coins as possible. Avoid obstacles and use power-ups like the Jetpack or Coin Magnet to maximize your coin collection. This will give you an advantage in future levels.

Level 2:

In this level, prioritize completing missions while collecting coins. Use power-ups like the Super Sneakers to jump higher and cover more distance. This will help you complete missions that involve jumping or covering a certain distance.

Level 3:

Look for shortcuts and alternate paths in this level. Some levels may have hidden routes that can help you avoid obstacles and collect coins more efficiently. Explore different routes to find the fastest and safest path.

Level 4:

Utilize the Hoverboard power-up in this level. The Hoverboard protects you from obstacles for a limited time, allowing you to focus on collecting coins and completing missions without worrying about crashes.

Level 5:

Practice your swipe and tilt controls in this level. Some missions may require precise swiping or tilting to achieve the objective. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the controls and improve your accuracy.

Level 6:

Pay attention to the train tracks in this level. Jump over or slide under incoming trains to avoid crashes. As you progress, the trains may come more frequently, so be prepared and time your jumps and slides accordingly.

Remember, each level in Subway Surfers is unique, and it may require different strategies to succeed. Experiment with different power-ups, practice your skills, and adapt your gameplay to overcome the challenges in each level.

By following these strategies and staying persistent, you will be able to conquer every level in Subway Surfers and reach new heights of success in the game. So, lace up your sneakers, hop on the surfboard, and embark on a thrilling Subway Surfers adventure!

Which are the most rewarding Subway Surfers levels?

If you’re a fan of Subway Surfers, you know that each level poses its own challenges and rewards. Some levels in Subway Surfers are particularly rewarding for players who are looking to test their skills and earn big rewards. Here are some of the most rewarding Subway Surfers levels:

1. Tokyo:

The Tokyo level is known to be one of the most rewarding levels in the game. It features a beautiful and vibrant cityscape, along with plenty of opportunities to collect coins and power-ups. Additionally, there are multiple mission objectives to complete that can lead to significant rewards.

2. New York:

The New York level is another rewarding level in Subway Surfers. This level showcases the iconic landmarks of the city, such as the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. It offers plenty of opportunities for players to collect rewards and complete missions.

3. Barcelona:

The Barcelona level is beloved for its stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere. It offers a challenging gameplay experience, with narrow paths and obstacles to navigate. However, successfully completing missions in Barcelona can lead to substantial rewards and unlock new characters.

4. Rio de Janeiro:

The Rio de Janeiro level is set in the colorful and lively city of Brazil. It offers a unique setting and a variety of challenging missions. Players can earn rewards and power-ups while exploring the beautiful landscapes of this level.

5. Paris:

The Paris level takes players on a journey through the enchanting streets of the city of lights. It offers a visually stunning backdrop and exciting gameplay. Completing missions in Paris can lead to significant rewards and unlock special characters.

In conclusion, several Subway Surfers levels provide rewarding gameplay experiences with unique challenges and generous rewards. Whether it’s Tokyo, New York, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, or Paris, each level offers its own set of advantages and opportunities for players to collect coins, complete missions, and unlock special characters. So, hop on your hoverboard and start exploring these rewarding Subway Surfers levels!

Who is the first player in Subway Surfers

Jake is the first person to play the popular phone game Subway Surfers. Jake is a teenager who is caught spray painting an underground station. He has to get away from an inspector and his dog while getting coins and avoiding obstacles. Jake is the main character in Subway Surfers. When the game first came out, he was the only one you could play as. He has a bright orange backpack and a red hoodie. He runs through the underground, doing tricks and completing goals to unlock new characters, hoverboards, and other rewards. Jake is the first character in the Subway Surfers world, and many players have been inspired by his adventurous spirit to join him on his journey.


  • Fast-paced surfing action: Subway Surfers is a fast-paced game in which players must run, jump, and avoid obstacles to avoid being caught by the Inspector and his dog.
  • Easy-to-Learn Controls: Subway Surfers has easy-to-understand swipe controls that let players move quickly and easily through the game’s levels.
  • Collect Power-Ups: Players can collect coins and special power-ups to help them get further in the game.
  • Unlock Characters and Boards: Players can use their coins to unlock new characters and boards, which lets them customize their game experience.
  • Compete with Friends: Players can link up with their friends and see who can get the highest score.
  • Weekly Challenges: Subway Surfers has special challenges every week that give players new and exciting ways to play the game.


Here are some frequently asked questions about this topic ‘What are the different levels of Subway Surfers?’ as well as explained given below:

Is Jake from Subway Surfers a boy?

That’s right, Jake is a guy protagonist in the smash hit subway racing game. The player controls him, a daring kid who is perpetually on the run from the Inspector and his dog. Most images of Jake have him wearing a blue sweatshirt, red trainers, and a skateboard. A graffiti spray can is in his hands as well.

Who has the highest record in Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers’ creator, Kiloo, has announced a new high score record of 2,424,719 points. A Spanish gamer going by the alias “Sergio PK” managed to do it. His score, from August 2018, remains the highest ever recorded for the game.

How to play Subway Surfers on PC?

Subway Surfers may be played on personal computers by downloading it from the game’s official website. Put the game on your computer and run it from the shortcut you created. The arrow keys will move the character around, and the space bar will cause him to leap. Avoid hazards and collect cash and power-ups to progress. You can go to additional levels if you get the greatest score possible.

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