What is Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle

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IGG made the strategy game Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle. It is the follow-up to the well-known game Clash of Lords. In this game, players take control of an empire and must use their resources to build armies, train heroes, and fight other players for control of the kingdom.

Players can join guilds where they can chat and cooperate with other players to build their empires. They can also earn rewards by taking part in different events and tournaments. The castle building is the most important part of Clash of Lords 2. Players can construct and upgrade their castles to improve their defenses and strengthen their armies. They can also add walls, towers, and gates to their castles, among other things.

Players can also recruit powerful heroes to lead their armies. Heroes have unique skills and can gain levels to become even stronger. Players can also equip their heroes with weapons and armor to make them even more powerful. There is also a single-player mode in Clash of Lords 2. In this mode, players can face off against various computer-controlled opponents and battle for control of the kingdom. Players can also take part in cooperative multiplayer battles against other players.

Clash of Lords 2 is a great game for strategy fans. It has an interesting way to build castles, strong heroes, and intense PvP battles. Players can work with other players to build strong empires, or they can fight battles on their own. No matter what strategy you use, Clash of Lords 2 will keep you busy for hours.

Is Clash of Lords 2 offline

IGG Inc. created the online mobile strategy game Clash of Lords 2 for players to enjoy. It works with both Apple and Google’s mobile platforms. The game is modeled after the smash hit Clash of Clans, but with some major changes. The goal of the game is to create and protect a kingdom with your own army.

The game is best played online, but an iOS-compatible offline mode is also available. If you have the game’s offline version, you can play it even if you don’t have an online connection. If you want to play the game but don’t have access to a stable internet connection, or if you’re just on the go, this is a fantastic choice. The single difference between the online and offline versions of Clash of Lords 2 is the game’s multiplayer mode. You can still construct and defend your kingdom, but you can’t take part in player-versus-player combat or tournaments. There are in-game purchases available, but they won’t sync with the cloud-based server version.

In general, Clash of Lords 2’s offline mode is a fantastic alternative for individuals who don’t have constant access to the internet. Those who travel frequently or who simply want to play without an internet connection will also find this to be a convenient choice.

How do you join a guild in Clash of Lords 2

In Clash of Lords 2, it’s simple and easy to join a guild. First, you need to open the main game screen and click on the “Guild” button. Then, a list of guilds you can join will appear. Click the “Join” button next to the guild you want to join. Once the guild leader says yes to your request, you will be a part of the guild. You can also make your own guild and invite your friends to join. To do this, click the “Create” button and fill in the information that is asked for. After that, you can start asking your friends to join your guild.

When did Clash of Lords 2 come out

Clash of Lords 2 is a strategy game for mobile phones that came out in 2013. IGG made the game, and it can be played on both iOS and Android devices. The first Clash of Lords game came out in 2011. This game is a sequel.

Clash of Lords 2 combines strategy, tower defense, and role-playing game (RPG) elements to make a unique and immersive game. The players can choose from different heroes to fight their enemies. The game also has both PvP and PvE modes, as well as a mode where players work together.

People have liked how the game looks, how it plays, and how deep it is. It has also gotten a lot of updates since it came out, which have added things like guilds, events, and new heroes. More than 100 million people have downloaded Clash of Lords 2, which has 4.3/5 stars on the App Store.


  • In Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle, you can join a Guild and take over the world.
  • Find Heroes and improve them so you can fight epic battles!
  • Collect and make powerful gear to make your Heroes look the way you want!
  • Fight against Guilds from all over the world in real time!
  • Gather powerful Heroes and improve them so they can lead your Troops into battle.
  • Do Quests and Challenges to get rewards and materials!
  • Build and improve Buildings to strengthen your defenses.
  • Take on tough Bosses to get huge rewards.
  • Use bonuses and buffs to make your Guild stronger.
  • Bring powerful troops to your army by calling them and improving them.


Overall, Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle is a fun and strategic game that people of all ages can play for hours and have a good time with. There are a lot of characters and skills to choose from, and the way the game works is complicated and interesting. The game also has a lot of rewards and bonuses that make people want to play it again and again. Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle is sure to be a fun and long-lasting game thanks to its deep and complicated strategy.


How do I donate items to my guild in Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle?
In Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle, you must first join a guild before you can give items to it. You can go to the guild shop once you’ve joined a guild. From there, you can select the items you would like to donate and confirm your donation. The items will then be sent to your guild, which will be able to use them for things like research and building. Donated items are essential to a guild’s success and progress.

How do I chat with other guild members in the game?
To communicate with other players in Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle, you must first join a guild. Once you’ve joined a guild, you’ll see a chat button in the top right corner of the screen; hitting this will bring up the guild chat window. The chat window will appear, where you can type a message to your guild mates. The chat box also displays the recent comments of your guildmates.

How do I earn rewards in the game?
In Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle, players can earn rewards by completing daily missions, taking part in events, joining a guild, and winning battles. In the game, you can find daily missions that give you rewards like crystals and other items. During events, you can get rewards for doing things like improving your castle or reaching a certain level. When you join a guild, you can get things like extra resources and boosts. When you win a battle, you can get crystals, gems, and other resources as rewards.

What are the different types of guilds available in the game?
There are four different kinds of guilds in Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle. There are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Bronze guilds are the simplest and least expensive. The benefits of Silver guilds are stronger, and the benefits of Gold guilds are the strongest. Platinum guilds are the most exclusive, and to join, you have to be very active in the guild. Each guild has its own special benefits that help its members move through the game more quickly.

How do I participate in Guild Wars in the game?
In Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle, the first step to playing Guild Wars is to join a guild. When you open the Guild War interface after becoming a member, you can choose to start a war or join one that is already going on. To join a war, your guild needs to have enough powerful members. As soon as the war starts, you can send your troops to attack enemy bases. If you win, you will get rewards.

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